Almere Noorderplassen

Loetje Almere Noorderplassen

As the name suggests, you will find our second Loetje restaurant in Almere in a beautiful location on the shores of the Noorderplassen. For many residents of Almere, this has been a popular spot for years, previously known as Boathouse, where you can enjoy drinks and meals extensively. Warm up with us in the winter after a refreshing walk or enjoy our sunny terrace in the summer. Feeling hungry after sailing? Moor at our jetty for a steak at Loetje!

Lunch, drinks, and dinner at Loetje Almere Noorderplassen

In our restaurant with a terrace by the water, you can come daily for lunch, drinks, and dinner. Whether you want to catch up with a cup of coffee, spontaneously grab a bite to eat, or toast with your favorite drink; come and experience Loetje at the Noorderplassen.

The best steak in Almere

Looking for a steakhouse in Almere? At our restaurant by the Noorderplassen, we also serve our tender steak in the authentic Loetje gravy with soft white bread. Steak lovers often call it the best steak in Almere. Enjoy it with a side of fries or our salad. But there’s much more to discover. Also try our steak tartare, fish dishes, and vegetarian options. Craving steak but prefer no meat? Then our plant-based Steak 0.0 is perfect for you!

Also for a business lunch or dinner

Planning a business event in Almere soon? We are happy to help! A business lunch or dinner at Loetje makes doing business much more enjoyable.

Your event at Loetje Almere Noorderplassen?

Looking to rent a room in Almere? Organize your next meeting, presentation, or company party in one of the beautiful rooms at Loetje by the Noorderplassen. Our rooms are equipped with WiFi, an LCD screen, a private bar or buffet, and can accommodate up to 75 to 80 people.

Plan your event at Loetje Almere Noorderplassen here.

Reservations at Loetje Almere Noorderplassen

Planning to visit Loetje at Almere Noorderplassen soon? Make a reservation via the green button below. Or just walk in, and at Loetje we ensure you get a table as soon as possible!

Working at Loetje

Our friendly team is looking for new colleagues. Check out our vacancies in Almere for the best (part-time) jobs and join our Loetje family.


Noorderplassenweg 150
1316 VV, Almere


Opening hours and special notes

Open daily from 11:30 hrs.

*Please note: the kitchen is open till 21:30 PM on Sundays till Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays the kitchen is open till 22:30 PM.

Dogs on a leash welcome
Welcome on the terrace without reservation
Accessible toilet available
Room rental possible


Loetje Almere Noorderplassen is located 10 minutes from Almere Centrum. We are easily accessible for walkers and cyclists and offer free parking in front, including charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Frequently asked questions to us…

I want to make a reservation, where can I do that?

You can easily make a reservation on our website:

Can I make a reservation for the terrace?

Taking a seat on the terrace can be arranged with our colleagues at the branch, but reservations are not possible.

I want to make a reservation for a group, is that possible?

Great that you want to come with a group! Easily make your reservation using the ‘reserve’ button at the bottom right of your screen (for groups up to 14 people). For groups of 15 or more, submit your request here, and/or check out the options for events or parties at Loetje. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Can I organize a (business) event or party at Loetje?

Absolutely, at Loetje we are happy to assist you in organizing your event or party! From a (business) meeting, breakfast, lunch or drinks to a fantastic wedding celebration. Check out all the options and packages here for groups of 15 or more.

What are the options if I have an allergy/dietary restriction?

At Loetje, we try our best to accommodate guests with special dietary needs. We would appreciate it if you could inform us of your requirements when making a reservation or upon arrival at the restaurant. In each restaurant, we also have cards with allergen information so you can see which ingredients are in each dish. If you’d like to view this information in advance, you can take a look at: Allergens – Loetje*.

Of course, we can always consider to remove an ingredient from a dish. Feel free to ask about this at the restaurant. For example, we have gluten-free bread to serve with the steak, or we can cook the steak in oil to serve it lactose-free. Please note that we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

*Please note: all our dishes are prepared in an environment where gluten and nuts are present.

Does Loetje have vegetarian options?

Loetje is for everyone, including those who don’t eat meat (for now). You can find various vegetarian dishes on our menu.

Also, try our plant-based Steak 0.0 and enjoy the unique flavor experience that Loetje’s finest steak is known for. Take a look at our menu for all the vegetarian options.

What gravy does Loetje use?

About our gravy
Quality is our number one priority at Loetje. We maintain our 45-year-old Loetje recipe for steak with gravy to ensure this. The ingredients of our iconic gravy are an essential part of it, which is why we have invested to preserve the margarine we have been using for 45 years.


Gravy for our tenderloin steak
45 years ago, Loetje started cooking with Blue Band margarine. In 2018, the decision was made to move away from Blue Band as it became a plant-based margarine and to develop our own margarine recipe with Remia. Our own margarine contains the animal proteins needed for the foamy Loetje gravy. Our tenderloin steaks do not use additives, and we use margarine only as the base for the gravy. To avoid dependence on a single producer, in 2022 we sought a second supplier. Therefore, in addition to our own recipe, we started using Solo margarine, which meets the same quality standards as 45 years ago.


Gravy for our plant-based steak
For our plant-based steak, we use the same margarine as for our tenderloin steak, which contains a milk component. The gravy for the plant-based steak is not yet plant-based, but it is vegetarian. Since the plant-based steak does not release animal juices that provide flavor to the gravy, we use a powder for the plain and garlic gravy of the plant-based steak to achieve the same flavor. This powder is based on natural ingredients such as tomato, carrot and bell pepper. We have not yet found a plant-based alternative for the butter we use in our gravy that has te same ‘foaming’ effect and meets our requirements. There is still too much impact on the flavor, affecting the experience. We are actively searching for the perfect plant-based gravy as well.

Can I also have lunch at Loetje?

You are more than welcome to join us for lunch at Loetje. We offer a delightful lunch menu. Of course, you can also order our delicious steak during lunch.

Do you accept gift vouchers?

At Loetje, we only accept our own gift vouchers and do not accept dinner cheques, VVV vouchers, or other dining vouchers. You can purchase a gift voucher in amounts starting from €10,-. You can order them here.

Is my dog welcome at Loetje?

Your four-legged friend is welcome as long as they are leashed and not bothering other guests.

I would like to work at Loetje, where can I apply?

How nice that you want to work with us! Here you can find all our job vacancies.