Loetje biefstuk bali 0.0

Loetje's Steak Bali 0.0

0% meat, but 100% Loetje

Loetjes Biefstuk Bali 0.0

Loetje is there for everyone, even for those who (temporarily) don’t eat meat. With our plant-based Steak 0.0, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste experience for which our steak is known for.
Our newest classic is not just a plant-based version of Loetje’s famous steak. This breakthrough has been preceded by years of searching. As a result, our Steak 0.0 now meets the high quality standards we set and comes incredibly close to the original.

What is Loetje’s Steak 0.0?
Our Steak 0.0 contains 0% meat and is made from New Meat, which is produced by Redefine Meat. It’s a revolutionary plant-based product that matches the taste experience of real steak. Not only in terms of flavor, but also the texture and mouthfeel are of high quality.

For more information about Redifine Meat, please click here.

How is it made?
To closely mimic the structure of a steak, our Steak 0.0 is created using a 3D printer. Quite unique! Layer by layer, a combination of various ingredients is ‘printed’ in thin lines on top of each other, creating a structure that resembles the meat and muscle composition of real steak.

What is it made of?
The Steak 0.0 is made from plant-based ingredients, consisting of a mixture of dried vegetables, plant proteins (wheat, soy, potato), vegetable oils (canola oil, sunflower oil), spices, cornstarch, wheat starch, wheat flour, cocoa butter, maltodextrin, flavors, barley malt, colorings (beet red, caramel), cherry juice and water. New Meat is free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and does not contain preservatives.

What allergens can it contain?
New Meat contains wheat, soy, and mustard. It may also contain traces of nuts, peanuts, lupin, gluten-containing cereals, sesame seeds, and celery.

Who is it suitable for?
Steak 0.0 is for everyone who chooses not to eat meat but still wants to enjoy the flavor experience of our steak. It’s a vegetarian dish but not prepared in a vegan way. Steak 0.0 is suitable for pregnant women and is Halal. Steak 0.0 is not gluten-free or lactose-free.

In what gravy is the 0.0 cooked?
For our plant-based steak, we use the same margarine as we do for our tenderloin steak, which contains a milk component. The gravy for the plant-based steak is not yet plant-based, but it is vegetarian. Since the plant-based steak doesn’t release any animal juices that contribute to the flavor of the gravy, we use a powder for the natural and garlic gravies of the plant-based steak to achieve the same flavor profile. This powder is made from natural ingredients like tomato, carrot and bell pepper. We haven’t found a plant-based alternative for the butter we use in our gravy yet, which provides the same frothy effect and meets our requirements. There is still too much impact on the taste, affecting the overall experience. We are actively searching for the perfect plant-based gravy in this regard as well.

How is the Steak 0.0 served?
We serve the Steak 0.0 just like the real steak: crispy caramelized on the outside and deliciously medium-rare on the inside. Unlike real steak, cooking it for a shorter or longer time does not result in different levels of doneness or color. Through our cooking process, we ensure the high quality we aim for. And of course, our Steak 0.0 is also served with our tasty gravy (choice of natural, garlic or sambal) and white bread to maintain the ultimate Loetje experience.

Why is it called Steak 0.0?
Our name is a nod to non-alcoholic beer.

Where can I order this plant-based steak?
Starting from 2023, the Steak 0.0 will be a standard item on the menu at every Loetje location in the Netherlands.

Is the plant-based steak the same size as the regular steak?
The Steak 0.0 is slightly smaller than our classic steak, but it provides the same dining experience. It releases fewer juices, and due to the characteristics of the ingredients, it has a more nourishing effect, making you feel sufficiently satisfied with this weight. Currently, we offer the Steak 0.0 in this size only to ensure the quality we stand for. Further developments regarding taste and portion size will continue in the coming period.

How much does the plant-based steak cost?
The Steak 0.0 is priced the same as our small tenderloin steak served with classic Loetje gravy.

Will only plant-based steak be served in the future?
Loetje believes in everyone’s freedom of choice. By adding our Steak 0.0 to our menu, we provide more guests with the opportunity to enjoy the flavor experience of our steak. Whether you’re a true meat lover or prefer to eat less or no meat at all. We are happy to cater to that. Loetje doesn’t want to dictate to its guests or limit choices, but rather provide everyone with a choice.