The Amsterdam Blanche

Exciting news! Discover the best of both worlds with our newest Dessert from Loetje: the Amsterdam Blanche! Smooth vanilla ice cream, covered with (yes, you read it right) a slightly sweeter version of our iconic gravy. And of course, we top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Sweet, savory, creamy, and delightfully familiar. You’ll soon be able to order the Amsterdam Blanche at all Loetje restaurants across the Netherlands. Will you be trying it soon? Share your reaction on social media and tag us!

It’s true that we at Loetje really love our gravy. But taking it to the level of our dessert is a step too far, even for us. Thank you, Loetje fans, for all the fun reactions. And for those who were really looking forward to trying it, we hope you’ll soon be back to enjoy our gravy and our Dame Blanche, separately of course. 😉