Steak 0.0 now available with natural and garlic gravy

Steak 0.0 now available with Natural Garlic Jus

Exciting news: Loetje’s Steak 0.0 is now available with our classic gravy and also with garlic gravy. Until now, the plant-based steak was only offered as the spicy Steak Bali 0.0, to provide the ultimate taste experience. Over the past few months, we have further developed the preparation of Loetje’s Steak 0.0, and now we are introducing our other gravy flavors as well. Do you want to try our plant-based steak, but found our sambal jus a bit too spicy for your taste? Nothing will hold you back now!

About Loetje’s Steak 0.0
Loetje’s Steak 0.0 is the plant-based version of our beloved steak. With 0% meat but still 100% Loetje. Traditionally served in gravy and with white bread. A delicious alternative that allows everyone to enjoy the unique taste experience that our steak is known for. Even if you prefer not to eat meat.

Loetje’s Steak 0.0 is made from New Meat by our partner Redefine Meat. A revolutionary plant-based product that matches the taste experience of real steak. Not only in terms of flavor, but also in texture and mouthfeel of the highest quality. From the sizzling in the pan to the flavorful ‘meat juices.’ Crispy caramelized on the outside and perfectly medium-rare on the inside. It smells and tastes like steak and pairs perfectly with our famous gravy.

Curious to find out if you’ll notice the similarity between Steak 0.0 and our real steak? Come and give it a try at your nearest Loetje location!

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