Gift card

Loetje giftcard

Give your friend, acquaintance, or colleague the tastiest New Year’s gift: the Loetje gift card!

Check below for the options, consult our FAQ‘s, or order a gift card directly.

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In addition to the fact that the Loetje gift card is not only very enjoyable to give and receive, it also comes with various benefits:

  • Physical and/or digital
  • Choose your own amount (from €10)
  • Personal message
  • Redeemable at all Loetje restaurants

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find an overview of our most asked questions.

How does the Loetje giftcard work?

If you’ve received the Loetje gift card, come visit one of our Loetje restaurants. Enjoy our well-known steak or other delicious dishes. After your lunch, drinks, or dinner, you’ll be asked to settle the bill. Simply present the Loetje gift card, and voila, you’ve paid.

Depending on the balance of the card, you may need to pay any remaining amount, or you can come back another time to spend the remaining amount of your Loetje gift card.

Where can I order the Loetje giftcard?

You can order your Loetje giftcard via:

Do you want to place a large (bulk) order? You can simply ask for a quote here.

Where can I redeem the Loetje giftcard?

You can redeem our giftcard in all of our restaurants. Click here for an overview of all our restaurant locations.

For how long will the Loetje gift card be valid?

The Loetje gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Is there a difference between the physical and digital gift card?

The physical gift card is delivered to your home (or post address you have entered during the ordering proces). The card comes in a beautifully fitting design. The digital gift card is received via email and is a digital version of the physical gift card.

Do you need to activate the Loetje gift card after receiving it?

The Loetje gift card is activated upon delivery to you. You don’t need to do anything else, except head straight to a Loetje location near you and enjoy a delicious steak or any of our other tasty dishes.

How do I check my balance?

You can easily check the balance of your gift card yourself via:
It is also possible to visit one of our Loetje restaurants and inquire about your balance there.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

For the physical gift card, you pay €3.95 in shipping costs. For the digital gift card, you do not pay any shipping costs.