Loetje places indistinguishable plantbased steak on the menu

Starting today, diners can visit Loetje for a plantbased version of our Tenderloin Bali. The new classic dish is served with the famous sambal gravy and white bread. Loetjes Biefstuk 0.0 will first be available in five establishments (Amsterdam Zuidas, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Nijmegen, Rotterdam Centre and Eindhoven). Later on this year, the vegetarian sister will be on the menu throughout the Netherlands.


Loetje is for everyone, including those who (temporarily) do not eat meat. With the plantbased Tenderloin Bali 0.0, everyone will be able to enjoy the special taste for which our steak is known for. This breakthrough was preceded by years of thorough research to find the best product that fits the recipe of Loetje.


The Biefstuk Bali 0.0 is made of New Meat from Redefine Meat, a revolutionary plantbased product that is equal to the taste experience of real steak. It comes very close to the current tenderloins of Loetje. Not only is the taste remarkable, but also the structure and the feeling when in the mouth is of high quality. It sizzles in the pan, ‘meat juices’ run out, it is caramelized, crispy on the outside and pink on the inside. It smells and tastes like tenderloin and pairs perfectly with the famous sambal gravy.


The plantbased tenderloin with sambal gravy and white bread will be on the menu from 15 June for 26.50 euros at the first five locations spread across Amsterdam (Zuidas), Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Nijmegen, Rotterdam center and Eindhoven. Loetje and partner Redefine Meat are working hard in the coming period to expand the volumes, so that in October all Loetje locations in the Netherlands have this new dish on the menu and all guests can enjoy it. We hope to be able to welcome you all to try our new product. It is 0% meat, 100% Loetje!


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