About Loetje

Nearly 40 years ago, Café Loetje was a neighbourhood pub and billiards bar in Amsterdam South, where you could enjoy a fry-up, a meatball or a serving of cheese. The sirloin steak was introduced when it appeared that patrons had an increasing desire for a ‘real’ dinner.

Loetje’s butcher background came in handy. The steak was a big success. The billiard tables were replaced by regular tables and the ‘new’ café filled up every day with fans of that wonderful slice of meat – ‘the Loetje steak’.

More and more people from all over have since gotten to know the tastiest steak. In addition to Café Loetje, there are several other Loetje restaurants in the Netherlands. As it turns out, Loetje has many Dutch and international fans, and this makes us really happy and proud!

Loetje is not just a restaurant. There are also Loetje hotels and Loetje (venue) rooms, where meetings, gatherings and parties are held, both corporate and private.

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